We’re nearing the end of the London 2013 budget process! This is where we are in the cycle:

  • Budget 2013 overview: January 9: COMPLETE
  • Build a Budget public information session: January 12: COMPLETE
  • First public participation meeting: January 14: COMPLETE
  • Operating budget meeting: January 24-25: COMPLETE
  • Operating & Capital budget meeting: February 7-8: COMPLETE
  • Special budget meeting: Monday, February 11th: COMPLETE
  • Second public participation meeting: Wednesday February 13th: COMPLETE
  • Final budget vote: Thursday February 28th, 4pm, Council Chambers

For months, the city has been collecting information and feedback through many venues, including the Build A Budget process, public participation meetings, direct contact (meetings, phone calls, e-mails etc.) with City Council, and social media (including receiving information through the Facebook page and Twitter (@CityofLdnOnt and the hashtag #LdnBudget13).

After several public consultations, days of Council budget meetings, and countless hours of city staff time, all of this work and time culminates in one night of the final budget decisions being made by Council, likely into the early hours of Friday.

One great way to get involved is to come see the process live! You can check out all of the budget documents (broken down for easy reading by major sections of interest) here, and come to the meeting to see how it all works. You can follow along/join the conversation on Twitter, as many Londoners (including me, @BrianGibson13) will be posting updates throughout the meeting. You can also watch the proceedings from home through the city’s livestream, available here during the meeting.

This is a terrific opportunity to participate in the city, and learn how your tax dollars are spent. It’s also a great way to come to City Hall for the first time if you haven’t been there before, and watch the 15 people that shape our city on our behalf. It is my hope to stay for the entire meeting tonight, I’d be very grateful for company if you’ll join me!