stand by

I’ve struggled to write since blogging through Easter, though there has been a lot to write about.

There is so much to write and comment about at all three levels of government, as well as so much happening right here in our community in London. This week, our Argyle community is hosting a ReThink London-style event called Building Bridges in Argyle (2-5 and 6-8pm Wednesday April 17th at East London Library) that I’m very excited to participate in, as well as the city-wide community clean-up day this Saturday. As well, our church First Baptist London had a meeting yesterday on the future we would like to go in, drastically changing our service styles to meet changes happening in the church (the slow shrinking of our traditional service and the rapid growth of our contemporary service), with a potential church plant happening from the contemporary service.

But I’ve been drained in recent months as I’ve made new community commitments, including joining the Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy Argyle and the Argyle Community Association. I’ve also struggled with maintaining my business as well as job searching, as our community grapples with what is now the highest unemployment rate in a city of our size in Canada. I am hopeful for new job opportunities, but new work is also a challenge in its own way, the challenges of new skills to learn and a change of situation to adapt to.

So there has been a lot I would like to write and share, but often haven’t had the mental energy to get my thoughts out. I’ve also missed out on catching up with friends in the community and sharing in many great things happening. To friends I haven’t seen in recent times, you are in my thoughts, and I’m sorry for the time I’ve lost with you, and that I may still for some time ahead. I can’t wait to be more involved in the London political community again, while still finding my way with the Argyle groups we’re becoming more involved with.

Thanks for your patience friends as I find my way, I hope to be back to writing, and back to some kind of rhythm and normalcy soon. I’ll continue to share and post through Facebook and Twitter, and will be sharing everything happening in our community through the Argyle Community Association Twitter account, @ArgyleCommAssoc. I look forward to when I can re-connect with you!