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Hard to believe it has almost been 4 months since Molly was born! I’ve been returning to this post repeatedly but never sure even where to begin, so will for now just post a few thoughts. Any attempt at describing this experience has been nearly impossible, parenthood really is beyond words. From my last post and all of my apprehension about becoming a parent, to the first months raising our daughter have been just…amazing. From the joy of watching her birth to the first night in the hospital with her to bringing her home and trying to keep up learning everything there is to know to watching her change and grow and learn and change every day, it both seems like it has happened so fast, and yet we simultaneously can’t really imagine a time before having her in our life.

The first weeks were a struggle of course with all the challenges of having a baby compounded by the continuous lack of sleep, but every day is getting better. We’re extremely grateful as she’s now only up once or twice a night to feed, even her having a bit of a cold at the moment is only a little setback – her sniffles are heartbreaking but adorable, thankfully she seems to be taking it pretty well, she’s still very cheerful, between sneezes.

This may actually be the most I’ve written since she was born, with so much happening it really has seemed to take words away. We’ve been slowly able to build a new kind of normal together though, it’s only been in the last few weeks I’ve really gotten back into reading – finally, finally read Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam, now reading through the trilogy again. Molly is becoming stronger and more portable every day too, last month Sarah was able to take her place at the city’s LACH committee again, while I watched Molly in her stroller at the back. We’re looking forward to getting out and introducing her to everyone in the Pints & Politics community, it still seems hard to imagine introducing her to all the great people we know and all the places we like to be when she’s older and able to really take it all in, so much to look forward to!

I say this every time I write and then there is a massive gap between posts, but…I hope that this will mark a return to writing. There has been so much to write about both locally and around the world, will aim to be here much more often.