I’ve been asked by Abe Oudshoorn to share his letter to Councillor Denise Brown about the Kingsmills/Fanshawe proposal, keeping his blog focused on his Housing First series. You can check out more of his awesome writing and work in London here

Good morning Denise,

I hope your summer is going well, it was nice to touch base at the Great Places in Canada celebration for Wortley Village.

Just one quick thought on the Fanshawe/Kingsmill’s situation. The debate reminds me a bit of this sculpture:


It’s by Issac Cordal and is called “Politicians Discussing Global Warming”. The idea is that their city is drowning while they get buried in the details.

We talk a lot about economic development and revitalizing the downtown, but our vision and goals are also dependent upon the right opportunities arising from the public and private sector. It seems like a shame to me that when an opportunity presents itself at our table like Fanshawe College coming forward that we get mired in distrust of their due dilligence. Sure, there might be a hypothetical better deal to be had in the future, but this one is very real, and is available right now.

I hope you reconsider your vote against the increase in the municipal contribution,

Abe Oudshoorn, RN, PhD
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